Historical Non-Fiction


Have you heard of Steve Sheinken? 

If you are a parent, a student, or an educator, you definitely should know who he is!

Steve Sheinken is an author of children’s literature. But he isn’t any run-of-the-mill kid’s book author.  He writes historical non-fiction. He takes prominent figures in American History (think George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Benedict Arnold) and creates historically accurate stories with them. But the important part here is that he makes the stories exciting. They are made for children, and they speak the language of children.

For example, his book Lincoln’s Graverobbers takes place in 1875, where master counterfeiter Ben Boyd (who was, indeed, a real person) has been arrested and put in prison. Members of his counterfeiting ring get together in Chicago and plot to kidnap President Lincoln’s body from its grave and demand a ransom: $200,000 and the release of their leader.

Sounds much more exciting than the facts found in those dry history books, huh?

That’s what Steve Sheinken is all about. He used to write for the history books that serve as the curriculum in American classrooms today. But he left that business because it wasn’t right for him. It wasn’t the way he wanted to engage with kids about history.

He’s a wonderful story-teller, and he’s incredibly intelligent. And he knows a lot about history…like a lot about history.

This is an amazing combination.

Shaelyn and I had the amazing opportunity to see Sheiken speak at the Children’s Literature Council of Southern California’  2017 Fall Gala this past October. We were able to see him speak along with other amazing children’s literature authors including Jennifer L. Holm (Full of Beans), K.G. Cambell (Dylan the Villain), Nikki Grimes (Garvey’s Choice), and Nicola Yoon (The Sun is Also a Star)We shook their hands, we bought their books, and we had a wonderful time.

If you have interest, visit Steven Sheinken’s website at


And, hey- while you’re at it, check out the Children’s Literature Council of Southern California. They’re pretty incredible too. Their website is


Happy Reading!

By: Sadie Keller



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